Payment information

Class fees must be paid in full before the first class of each term in order for Member to be admitted into class. iClassPro will automatically charge you on the first day of each month. If you choose another payment option, (ex. cash/venmo), Tuition is due in full the 1st day of each month. If full payment is not received by the start of the second class of the month, a late fee of $25 will be added to your balance.  


Class information

  • Payment must accompany sign up.

  • Please be on time for your class.

  • We ask that only enrolled children be on the equipment during the class.

  • Strollers ate not permitted in the gym area.

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to update the office records with current phone numbers, emergency contact information and new addresses.


Make-up Policy

​If the Member is unable to attend his or her regular scheduled class, the Member may schedule a makeup class within 3 months of the missed class. Makeup classes must be scheduled ahead of time, in an existing class. If the member does not schedule or attend their scheduled makeup class their makeup will expire after 3 months. For members who do not register for the Summer session, their makeups will carry over into the Fall session. i.e. If member missed a class in June but does not sign up for July or august, their 3 month period will carry over until November. Makeup classes cannot be taken in place of class registration.  i.e.- If Member is enrolled for one month , and misses classes during this time period, he/she can do makeup classes in any day prior to the end of this month. To do a makeup in the following months the member must be signed up for those months. Exceptions may be made for certain situations, such as; injury, death in the family. etc.



Request for refunds must be made in writing and will be honored up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the month for which the refund is requested. Under no circumstances will refunds be given once a month has started. Your refund will be calculated offering you the next best payment option available for the time the Members enrolled, not on a pro-rated basis of the amount paid. There is a $35 processing fee on all refunds. This policy must be followed by every customer, without exception. Refunds are not contingent upon the reason behind request. Membership fee is non-refundable/non-transferable under any circumstances. Refunds will take 2-3 business days through iClassPro and 6-8 weeks to be processed and mailed through check. i.e. – Full Year: Notify Gym in writing on March 1st that the Member will no longer be attending class. Refund calculation: 1. Credit the full amount paid. 2. Charge Sep. – Jan. at the 1/2 year rate. 3. Charge Feb. and March at the monthly rate. 4. Charge the $35 processing fee. 5. The remaining balance is the refund. i.e. – 1st 1/2 year:  Notify Gym in writing by Dec. 15th that the Member will no longer be attending class. Refund calculation: 1. Credit the 1st 1/2 year amount. 2. Charge Sep. – Dec.  at the monthly rate. 3. Charge the $35 processing fee. 4. The remaining balance is the refund. i.e. – Monthly: If you are being automatically charged please supply the gym with a written notice of cancellation 2 weeks prior to the start of the month that the Member no longer will be attending class. If for some reason you have to stop attending classes in the middle of the month, the member will receive makeup classes that can be used on different days before the month ends. 


Drop Off and Pick Up Policy

  • We ask that children wait for rides inside the facility. If parents are running late, please call the office so that your child can be brought to the office to wait.

  • Siblings are not to be left on the premisses unattended, nor are they allowed to use the gym equipment.

Gym Safety Rules

  • No gymnastics or tumbling in the lobby area.

  • Students should wait in the lobby area until instructors call classes out into the gym.

  • Children are never allowed in the gym without supervision of instructors.

  • If parents are staying to view their child’s class, please watch from designated viewing area.

  • No running through the gym.


Help Our Gym Stay Clean

  • If you have a spill please notify the office so it can be cleaned up immediately.

  • No food or drink are allowed in the gym area.

  • No shoes are allowed in the gym area.

In case of Inclement Weather, if you have not received an email, please check our Facebook, Instagram, or iClassPro Page.

You can sign up on our Facebook/Instagram Page for the latest information regarding closures and other events. If we do cancel classes, we will provide a scheduled make-up class.

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