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We offer multiple options for gymnastics classes based on your availability, child age, interest and skill level.

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This 45 minutes class is designed to enhance your child's motor, listening, and social skills through fun gymnastics-oriented activities (an adult is expected to actively participate with their child). This class is offered to children ages 18 months (or walking) to 3 years.


This 50 minute beginner gymnastics class, designed for 3-4 year olds, combines basic early education skills with motor development and gymnastics skills, such as log rolls, forward rolls, donkey kicks and cartwheels. Sequencing, patterns, colors, shapes, and numbers are also incorporated to build upon the foundations established in Parent-Tot class.


Kinderstars caters to 5-6 year olds, it's the perfect transition from a pre-school class to a girls gymnastics class. Keeping up with the lightness of preschool while introducing the key skills gymnasts need to excel in the sport.


For ages 6+ years old, these intro to Gymnastics classes start with the basics of floor tumbling, beam, bars, vault , and conditioning, focusing on body control, balance, strength, flexibility, & fun!


Beginner and Advanced classes are offered for two age groups, 6-9 year olds and 9+ year olds. This 1.5 hour class continuously implements the basics of gymnastics, while also focusing on advancing in skills on every event all the while enforcing body control, balance, strength, and flexibility. Your child will learn to take the basic foundations to new heights.


Tumbling class gives athletes of all ages, body types and abilities the chance to excel in their skills on floor, which also enhances skill development across all gymnastics disciplines.

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Whether your child is just starting out or has been competing for awhile, we can help you find the right gymnastics class for their skill level and take their abilities to new heights!