Class Schedule

All classes run once a week (except Home Team).

All Tuition is paid on a monthly basis depending on number of weeks in that month. 

  • Parent-Tot class (45 min):  $92 per month (4 weeks)
  • Pre-school class (50 min)  $96 per month (4 weeks)
  • Kinderstars, Girls and Boys (1 hour)  $104 per month (4 weeks)
  • Beginner & Advanced classes (1.5 hours) $130 per month (4 weeks)
  • Home Team (runs 2 times a week) $230 per month


There is 10% sibling discount and 10% discount if you do 2 classes per week


For costs related to competitive gymnastics team training please call us at (973) 962-6117

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