Birthday Party

We offer different Birthday Party options based on your needs and can accommodate up to 10 children per party. Each additional child is $12. Birthday Parties last for one hour and one half hours. One hour of play and one half hour designated for food and cake. World Gymnastics Academy will provide the tables and chairs.

We have refrigerator/freezer for any additional needs.

For children ages 4+
WGA staff will lead the one hour of gym activities which will include climbing and tumbling on an obstacle course, jumping on a trampoline, swinging on the rope and etc.

For chidren ages 2+: 
The birthday party will be held in an open-gym format where it will be the parents' responsibility to accompany the children for the 1 hour in the gym (there will be no instructor leading the party). 


  •    Parties are held on Saturdays and Sundays

  •    A non-refundable $75.00 deposit is required

  •    An extra $50.00 for each additional 30 minutes


 Please              as to times available.


For chidren ages 4+:

  • Party begins at $220 for the first. 10 children

  • Each additional child will be $12.00 extra

  • An adult must accompany children under the age of 3

  • There is no maximum number of childern allowed in your party

  • Any children on the gym floor, including siblings, will be counted in the party

For chidren ages 2+:

  • The cost for 20 children and under is $175.00

  • The cost for 21 children and over is $200.00 

  • All children must be bare foot in the gym area.

  • Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in the gym area (only party area).

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