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World Gymnastics Academy coaches foundational skills and provides expert training to prepare all athletes to set their ultimate potential at every ability level. We strive to gain confidence and perseverance, that will prepare and empower each gymnast for success in sports and in life.

Our Mission

World Gymnastics Academy’s mission is to coach children in a positive setting so they can set their goals, mentally and physically. At World Gymnastics Academy, we strive to help grow their athletic journey.

What people are saying

Coach Evgeny is my son's coach for about 8 years. Our son competed before under his coaching and had a great experience. Now our son doesn't want to compete anymore and switch over to park-our and he enjoys it a lot! You can have your child do serious gymnastics here or do it for exercise and fun. This is one of the very few gyms that offer a real boys program. Evgeny was a very successful gymnast as well.

    szilvi alburo


    Very nice Gym. My 5 year old twins love to go to World Gymnastic Academy. The owners are wonderful and very accommodating. The class sizes are small, and they make sure they monitor every kid's progress. The kids are having fun, but also learning too. The gym is very clean.

      Tunde Nagy


      Great coaches who really know their stuff and are very hands on and know how to teach. Coach Evgeny runs a great gym

        Christopher Lazzari


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        Whether your child is just starting out or has been competing for awhile, we can help you find the right gymnastics class for their skill level and take their abilities to new heights!